Robin Duda @codingchili

Software developer and security enthusiast with an interest in networks. Working on open source projects with friendly licensing in my spare time, listed here are a few of the more useful projects. Some of which build on my own frameworks, such as the backend framework 'chili-core' or 'static-mina' which is a static site generator. I love to work with new technology and awesome libraries.

Prefer reactive microservices, Docker and NoSQL, disinterested in application servers and object relational mappers :)

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Auction Client

"This Android application is a game auction client for use with the game in development, Mutable Bunnies."

Zapperfly Assembler

"Zapperfly assembler is a clustered build server that aims to be small and easy to customize without relying on third party plugins."

Enigmatic Mouse

"An Android password manager with support for using your fingerprint as biometric authentication. Passwords are hashed with Scrypt and encrypted with a AES256 key stored in the trusted execution environment."

Kibana Mithril

"A plugin for Kibana that adds authentication to access the user interface. Works with LDAP and has support for 2-factor authentication. Users may be stored in a local json file, MongoDB or LDAP."


"Excelastic is a web interface and commandline utility to load data into ElasticSearch. It supports xlsx/xls and CSV files and focuses on ease of use."

Ethereum Ingest

"Ethereum ingest is an ingest utility capable of importing events from the Ethereum blockchain into ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Hazelcast and CQEngine."


"An E-commerce platform built on an older stack (2015) and completely refurbished in 2018! Upgraded security, performance, design, code style and dependencies to rock harder than ever."

Unicorn Analytics

"Pulls statistics from google analytics API's and visualizes it on a Pimoroni Unicorn hat HD."

Flashcards Webapp

"Web application to share and study with flashcards online, uses my chili-core framework for networking and storage."

Static Mina

"A static site generator with partial support for dynamic rendering which relies on ES6 template literals. Fun fact: this site is generated with static-mina and the gitfolio template!"

Coinbase Casted

"Chromecast receiver and sender application to livestream the coinbase websocked feed in real time. Uses the latest iteration (CAF - v3) of the chromecast framework."


"A 2D voxelish MMORPG game that runs in the browser using HTML5 with pixijs. The backend is built with microservices and my chili-core framework."

Pi-zero Ethermeter

"Uses the cryptocompare API to retrieve the current price of a chosen cryptocurrency trading pair. The change in the last 24 hours is displayed on a Pimoroni Blinkt."


"The chili-core is a backend framework which builds on top of Vert.x and Hazelcast. Support for transparent async persistence and for protocol transparent API's."


"An Instagram-like Android application, only less refined. Support for uploading images, tagging, searching and saving to the users gallery. The backend runs on NodeJS with MongoDB."


Mostly web development with responsive/progressive web applications that works well on mobile. A bit of desktop and native Android.


These are my core skills, always looking to improve. Learning a bit of Kotlin and Vyper on the side, doing networking and security labs, reading and trying new things!

Libraries & Frameworks

These are the libraries & frameworks I frequently use and enjoy. I do a bit of Java EE as well, with JAX-RS/JAX-WS and Wicket on the frontend. They're not on the list because I'm much more productive and enjoy working more with the given alternatives.

Please contact me if you have any questions, feedback, feature requests.. or anything else really.